Silicone Slider Designs

Individual Slider Styles





Silicone Slider Advantages

Available in 10KT, 14KT, 18KT and SS 925

Available in Yellow, White and Rose Gold

Wholesale cost reduction to end users

Superior gripping power

Skin friendly texture

Ideal for Big Box Store drop-shipments

Styles for all age groups

Multiple post sizes (.65, .75, .90, .95, 1.1mm)

Multiple Gold insert options

Travel emergencies

In-store promotions, lost back solutions and customer upgrades

Custom trademarks for volume users

Slider Styles





Post .65 mm (.10 tolerance +/-)

Best Sellers

Bell - Promo - Disk - Mushroom


Available with LITE/HEAVY Insert

Post .65 mm (.10 tolerance +/-)


Disk - Mushroom - Promo -Bell

Screw In / Screw Out

"Tapping" Effect Creates Threading

Secure Fit

Post .65 mm (.10 tolerance +/-)

Rose Gold

Available in 10KT, 14KT, 18KT and SS 925

All styles available in Rose Gold

Over-sized Post Options

Mushroom 90 - Medium Disk 90 - Large Disk 90

Post .90 mm (.10 tolerance +/-)

Push-On's Only

Counter Balance for Drooping Issues

Easy-grip for Post Engagement

Supreme Sliders

Largest Gold Insert Available

Supreme Disk 95 - Supreme Disk 110

Supreme Promo 65

Supreme Promo 75 (Not pictured)

Post .10 mm (.10 tolerance +/-)

In-store delivery supply

Lost earring back replacement options

Upgrade customer's existing backs

Emergency rescue backs

Promotional give-aways

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